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Morpeth Gaming Club is a wargaming club in the north east of England, we play a variety of games such as Warmachine/Hordes, Bolt Action, Iron Kingdoms RPG, Necromunda and many more.

The club has been running since late 2005, and we have numerous regular members and several regular visitors from other clubs in the area. In 2006, we moved to a new location, giving us access to a brand new building and all the facilities we could ask for. All this was thanks to the local charity Contact, for which we're very grateful.

We have players of different ability and outlook so if you’re looking for tournament practice or a relaxed environment to play games, you’ll find it here. We run numerous campaigns throughout the year and try to ensure everyone gets at least one game a session.

We meet every Tuesday night and have ideal facilities for gaming like boards, storage, terrain and a kitchen.

about us

Morpeth Gaming Club is a group of dedicated gamers who meet up every Tuesday night, our main aim is to play the games we love and have a good laugh while doing it.

Our club started in our founder’s sitting room which we quickly outgrew and now we’ve been at our current venue in St George's community centre for over ten years and couldn't ask for better facilities.

We still have all our original members and have gained some regulars since we moved. We have a good mix of play styles and varying levels of experience, with some of our members attending tournaments, so we can cater for any style of gamer.

We mainly play Warmachine & Hordes, with each of our players owning a good collection of models with most factions represented and campaigns often running throughout the year. We play Bolt Action and Iron Kingdoms RPG semi-regularly with Infinity and Malifaux gaining in popularity.

We have a good core of veteran players who also enjoy other games are willing to try new things with Dystopian Wars Necromunda and the board game Last Night on Earth being played in the past and some interest shown in Frost Grave and Guildball.

Our club is based at the St. Georges Hospital Community Centre

We run sessions every Tuesday evening most weeks, but please check our forum incase of cancellations or changes.

We will do our utmost to help players interested in any game we already play and have members willing to offer advice and let you use their models to try the game for yourself.

Members who simply want to come along watch a game or paint are more than welcome.

However, blades of any type are banned on the premises, and glue is restricted to members who are 18+ for safety reasons.

Games we Play

Our members are always happy to try a new game, but below are the games you'll find being played during a typical session.


The downloads below are freely available and useful for the many games we play.

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